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March 20, 2017. Over this past weekend, three students have accepted offers to attend either the EBIO or Museum graduate program!

Welcome and congratulations Reese Beeler (EBIO), Louise Barton(EBIO), and Sophia Warsh(Museum)!!! We look forward to their joining the lab/herbarium in the Fall of 2017!

On February 10th we will be hosting a few noteworthy students in the Tea House: Ioana (Orobanchaceae evolution), Louise (hummingbird-pollinated plants along altitudinal gradient in the Andes), and our own Reese (Vaccinium polyploidization / hybridization). We hope to have you join the Tea House! Of course, other prospective students not mentioned are welcome to stop by the lab and chat. Later we will be enjoying a Happy Hour celebration at Reuben’s !!!!(….R.I.P. fried pickles)


Students & Others: The Tripp Lab is a SAFE SPACE for everyone of all races, genders, sexual orientations, cultures, ages, nationalities, religions, abilities, and political viewpoints. HELP FIGHT DISCRIMINATION – lend an ear and learn to respect what you don’t understand!

I am proud to work with colleagues who similarly advocate for human rights for all! See the following:





Welcome to a research lab at the University of Colorado, Boulder, with broad interests in the evolution of biodiversity on Earth. We specialize in macroevolutionary patterns and underlying processes describing plant and lichen biodiversity, but celebrate all research in biology… the science of life! …And endless forms most beautiful…

Tripp – Smith Lab Going Away Party for Heather, Erica, Andrea
April 2016!

Group Shot1

What a blast! In mid April 2016, the Tripp and Smith Labs + friends celebrated the contributions of 3 of our dear lab members: Heather Stone, Erica Tsai, and Andrea Berardi. All are going on to explore bright futures! We will miss you but thanks for the excuse for a GREAT party. PS: don’t miss this video of Heather’s banana dance (https://giphy.com/gifs/ofCCvHsISfCqQ). Those three carpels have never been so excited….


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  1. I’m a Buff from the seventies who studied under Drs Marr, Shushan, and Ives among others. Spent a lot of time tracking lichens in the mountains. If you find new lichen species in CO, please consider naming one after Sam Shushan. He was a CU lichen pioneer. You should have seen his offices in the towers of Hale. Specimens to the ceiling.

    Good luck. Go Buffs!


    • Hi Jeff – tonight I was getting together some lichen specimens to donate to the U of Oregon’s museum when Sam Shushan’s name popped into my mind. He gave me a couple of specimens back in 1952 or 1953 that are going to a good home here along with a few I collected. It was a pleasant surprise to find his name on google so quickly, although disappointing he is no longer alive. It was fun to see Dr. Marr’s name, too. I worked for his Institute of Arctic and Alpine Ecology in its formative days.


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