Petalidium linifolium

Woot woot!

Here we go with the “southern clade”… species of Petalidium that are restricted to southern Namibia (and in some cases, ever so slightly beyond). They have the loveliest of calyces – papery with glowing thick red veins against an otherwise nearly translucent background. Petalidium linifolium is closely related to P. lucens and P. parvifolia. Kyle and I have some further work to do before we make any final calls on this clade, but for now, sit back and enjoy the glory. Maybe with a nice glass of cool, South African chardonnay (I recommend something from Stellenbosch…perhaps a Jordan….served at a perfect 49 degrees F). This species wants you to embrace it properly.

Wild collected, Namibia, Tripp et al. #2031 (RSA-POM); Photo by Erin Tripp

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