Ruellia breedlovei

Ruellia breedlovei was named in honor of Dennis Breedlove (by our colleague Tom Daniel) for his many thousands of contributions to understanding the Mexican flora. Dennis was one of the great collectors of the botany of Mexico and worked long hours to understand, in particular, the flora of the highlands of Chiapas.

After years (now decades–I’m getting old) of international fieldwork to remote corners on various continents, Mexico remains one of my favorite places on this great planet: to be sure, among the most fascinating biologically, geologically, and culturally. Friendly people, foods, salsas, and native plants: life rarely improves and minimally achieves a more sophisticated state.

If you are an American and haven’t been to Mexico: DON’T WASTE ANOTHER MOMENT–RUN, DON’T WALK. (And, while in Chiapas, be sure to check out the market in San Cristóbal (probably the coolest culinary experience of my life) followed by Cascadas de Agua Azul (don’t miss Ruellia maya and Ruellia jussieuoides at the latter, both of which grow along the margins of these spectacular cascades).

Update (Jan 2016): Manuel, Amanda, and I were so fortunate to find Ruellia breedlovei in the field, in its native habitat. It is hot, in more ways than one. I am really fond of this species.

Wild collected, Mexico, Erin Tripp #5753 w/ Manuel Luján, Amanda Fisher (COLO); Photos by Manuel Luján

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