Ruellia geminiflora


Jesus, do you want me to write something about this terrible species? Are you going to pay me? If not, then at least send donations to:

The Ruellia Resolution Fund

c/o Erin Tripp

C105 Ramaley Hall

University of Colorado, Boulder 80309

Ruellia geminiflora is an extremely widespread species, ranging from Mexico south to Corrientes, Argentina. It is one of the (TOP THREE) most variable species in the genus, but for whatever reason, I can always pick it out.

Don’t ask me how to identify it. You don’t. You feel it. And on that note, there isn’t much more to say. Learn to respect what you don’t understand….

Wild collected, Venezuela, Tripp & Lújan #437 (RSABG); Photo by Erin Tripp

Wild collected, Bolivia, Tripp #5974, #6007, #6015 w/ Manuel Luján, and Dina Clark (COLO)

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