Ruellia longipedunculata

One of the many beautiful, red-flowered and hummingbird pollinated species of Ruellia in western South America (specifically, in the Physiruellia clade). I was fortunate enough to grow this by the good will of a good colleague, Alexander, who sent me seeds to cultivate. Originally collected by him in Bolivia…

Cultivated (RSABG Greenhouses), originally from Bolivia, Tripp & Ly #945 (RSA-POM)

Update (Sep 2016): Saw this species on steep, sandy slopes in transitional forest (from dry deciduous to wet) within the Santa Cruz region of Bolivia. This species like others encountered on this trip is endemic to Tucuman Bolivian forest belt which extends from this part of Bolivia to northern Argentina. Just as beautiful in the wild as it is in the greenhouse!

Wild collected, Bolivia, Tripp et al. #6025 (COLO); Photos by Manuel Luján; Blog post by Dina Clark

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