Mathew Sharples


Mathew is a Massachusetts native with a B.A. in English Literature (German minor) from the University of Massachusetts. He moved to Colorado after being inspired by some of the West’s extensive wildlands. Now, he studies Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, with a particular interest in Kingdom Plantae. He is now doing a floristic (a cataloguing of plant biodiversity) study in the South San Juan Wilderness, and wishes to proceed on the plant path with anthropogenic disturbance studies in terms of both ecology and phylogenetics. Plant systematics, the science of how plants are evolutionarily-related based on morphological and molecular characters, also holds fascination for him. In his spare time he enjoys scaling some of the country’s -indeed, the world’s- highest peaks, and applying that literature degree to his own writings.

Mat recently returned from fieldwork and herbarium work in the Himalaya and other mountainous regions of eastern Asia. There, he completed sampling for a more or less full phylogenetic analysis of the genus Stellaria.

Mat’s floristic inventory of the South San Juan Mountains was recently published:
Sharples Floristic Inventory.

His CV is available here.

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