Reaching the summit of Kamakasa Tepui:

Collecting on the Karoweing River:

Climbing trees: not as easy as it seems!:

Building subsummit camp in the rain and Giant Earthworm:

Rock House lichenizing (Kamakasa Tepui):

Kamp Life (Episode 1):

I Love This Little Area (Kamakasa Tepui):

Building Camp 6 and Lichenology 101 (Kamakasa Tepui):

Lichenizing around Full Moon Camp (Kamakasa Tepui):

Aleks finds nodules (Kamakasa Tepui expedition):

Arriving at Swamp Camp (Kamakasa Tepui):

Ken and Erin’s day off (Kamakasa Tepui):

Stuck at camp (river too high for crossing) and smoked pois:

High Tech Science (Kamakasa Tepui):

Ken collecting (Kamakasa Tepui):

Botanists Do It In Trees: climbing and collecting in Camp 2 (Kamakasa Tepui):

The Tree Will Survive, and Hymenophyllaceae:

Searching Desperately for Sunlight, Camp 5

Building a Bush Spoon:

People complain about tepui specimens being so ugly:

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