Ruellia nobilis

First described from Brazil in 1909, but also known from dry forests of S.E. Bolivia and Paraguay, this lovely species has only been collected a few times since and is either rare or overlooked.

The long white corolla and elongate floral tube, together measuring roughly 100 mm makes this species stand out. On closer inspection, it is interesting to see the tube is actually twisted which is a trait only observed in a few species within the genus!

In Bolivia, this species is reported to only bloom for a two week period in September (2016) so we were lucky then to have found it in full flower. It is also said to be night-flowering and moth pollinated yet we saw it blooming during daylight hours in several locations.

Wild collected, Bolivia, Tripp et al. #6017 (COLO); Photos by Manuel Luján; Blog post by Dina Clark

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