Ruellia pereducta

One of the many reasons I love Chiapas…. yet another endemic / near-endemic to that state. We found Ruellia pereducta near Nuevo Guerrero. Not at all common. We had to work hard for it.

For whatever reason, this part of the world has a bona fide concentration of the dark pink flowered Ruellias… just like Brazil has the mother lode of red ones.  These pink things must be loaded with cyanidin but… you and me and the HPLC: we await the answer.

Precise phylogenetic placement of Ruellia pereducta similarly awaits RADseq results, but it’s in the Physiruellia clade to be sure. Note the winged peduncles and leaves with rounded bases… these features nail down application of the name. Also – the leaf venation is distinctive, at least to me…

Wild Collected, Mexico, Erin Tripp #5744, w/ Manuel Luján & Amanda Fisher (COLO); Photos by Manuel Luján, Erin Tripp

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