Ruellia trachyphylla

Aside from Ruellia pohlii, Ruellia trachyphylla was, at least at this very moment, my second favorite find in Brazil. Neither species has been placed phylogenetically. In fact, both names have rested motionless in the ancient literature for a century or more. I’m happy to try to give them new life…

But – little we see in nature that is ours. Try as I might to bring the world of Ruellia into the public eye, most will avoid it.

Note the miniscule growth form of this species and, like R. pohlii the lucid quality of its leaf veins. I wouldn’t be surprised if the two were related.

We found Ruellia trachyphylla among open white sands in Parque Nacional Chapada dos Viadeiros. I am grateful to Cíntia for taking us in and around this remarkable place on Earth.

Wild collected, Brazil, Erin Tripp #5930 w/ Nico Medina, Cíntia Kameyama (COLO); Photos by Erin Tripp

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