Carly Anderson Stewart

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Carly Anderson Stewart earned her Bachelor’s degree at UC Santa Cruz, where she studied Evolutionary Ecology and Biology and spent a lot of time hiking in the redwoods looking for macrofungi. She then moved to Juneau to start a book on southeastern Alaskan mushrooms, while also becoming a regionally famous bartender. Hoping to be a full-time mycologist, she moved to Scotland to earn her Master’s in Botany at the University of Edinburgh. Carly is now a doctoral student supervised by Erin Tripp, and working on a collaborative project focusing on lichen biodiversity in Appalachia. She is interested in fungal biogeography and biodiversity, lichen reproductive systems, and phylogenetics of North American fungi. She also likes rock climbing, coniferous forests, and a really good cocktail. To see what she’s been doing lately, check out her fungi blog here.

“Carly is currently analyzing the first-ever RADseq data from Cladonia lichens. Check back soon for news on an upcoming paper.

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