Carly Anderson Stewart

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Carly Anderson Stewart earned her Bachelor’s degree in 2012 at UC Santa Cruz, where she studied Evolutionary Ecology and Biology and spent a lot of time hiking in the redwoods looking for macrofungi. In 2014, she moved to Scotland to earn her Master of Science in Taxonomic Botany at the University of Edinburgh, studying fungal endophytes of Sitka spruce in Scottish plantations. Now a doctoral student, she is currently researching the large, global lichen genus Cladonia in order to assess phylogenetic relationships and correlates of diversification. She’s broadly interested in fungal biodiversity, biogeography, and survey of under-collected regions.  She also likes rock climbing, remote forests, and a really good cocktail.

Carly recently published two papers, and has several collecting trips planned. To see what she’s working on, check out her websites below: