Guyana Expeditions

Expedition video footage of plant biodiversity exploration, funded by the Smithsonian, National Geographic, and made possible by our many Amerindian colleagues, can be found here.

Between May-June 2012, the Smithsonian Institution and National Geographic funded an expedition to the never before summited Kamakusa Tepui (western Guyana, Mazaruni River Watershed). This expedition was co-led by Ken Wurdack and Erin Tripp and, prior to her emergency evacuation in week 2, Karen Redden. We were joined by PhD student Alex Radosavljevic and 8 amazingly dedicated and hard-working Arawak Amerinidans.

Also in the Guyana folder to the left you’ll find a few photos from the Kamakusa Expedition (for full set, see: Below these is a selection of videos from the expedition. Our intention here was to capture and provide some of the only video footage of life on a tepui – camp life, botanical life, expedition life…. some of these videos are educational whereas others clearly are not (do forgive some of those moments)!

With time, photos will be added from our previous tepui expeditions, including those to Mt. Ayanganna, Mt. Wokomung, and Maringma Tepui, in collaboration with David Clarke. For now, see full sets of photos as follows:

Wokomung Expedition (2003):

Ayanganna Expedition (2001):

Maringma Expedition (2004):

More Videos!

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