Herbarium Crew Fall 2022!

Anchorage Alaska June 2022 


Students from our fall 2018 Plant Systematics course: identifying plants during a field trip to Grape Creek, Colorado

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Mat and Erin chasing after some fresh mountain air! Mt Audubon to Shoshoni Traverse, July 2018 (we had hoped to complete the traverse to N Arapaho, but got hung up then marveled at the gnarliness of “The Chessman”. We will be back, but next time with ropes!

Fresh mountain air often comes with fresh mountain views! (And lots of Potentilla….)


A breezy mountain pass (Venable Pass, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Colorado) to conclude a successful field trip with Erin and James Lendemer’s Maymester Lichen Biome course… what a crew!


Identifying lichens at the peak during our Lichen Biome field trip: May 2018

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The full entourage of Lichen Biome students after a 4-day field trip to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Comanche Grasslands


A stroll through the Comanche grasslands to practice lichen identification with students. This trip managed to convince the student that yes indeed, the plains are AS remarkable as the mountains of Colorado, if not more!


Jay, skipping lunch to identify lichens at the Comanche grasslands!


Guest star, Deane Bowers, teaches the class about the art of dyeing with LICHENS! Awesome.


May 2018: Students learning about lichens!

December 2017: End of the year potluck with some of the best!


A farewell to Yongbin at the Rayback Collective . A mix of friends from all of EBIO that wished YB best of luck on the next phase of his research in China.


The day we discovered not one but two species in Alabama for the first time – Lobaria pulmonaira and Lobaria quercizans – new state records! No better way to celebrate than with a lichen cake, says lichen colleague James Lendemer!! 


The impromptu Lichen Lab in northern Alabama. This photo was taken around the midnight hour (time to go to bed!, following 14 prior hours at the scopes. That’s enough microscopy for the day….


Group Shot1

What a blast! In mid April 2016, the Tripp and Smith Labs + friends celebrated the contributions of 3 of our dear lab members: Heather Stone, Erica Tsai, and Andrea Berardi. All are going on to explore bright futures! We will miss you but thanks for the excuse for a GREAT party. PS: don’t miss this video of Heather’s banana dance ( Those three carpels have never been so excited….



Some serious lichen biodiversity research is happening in the southern Appalachians these days.


Vanessa, Julienne, and T1 (aka Mat) pretending to drink Tea in the Tea House…

2016-04-09 17.19.47

T2 (aka Matt), Mandy, and Bre ‘down by the riva’, scavenging for… tennis balls? bent metal?

2016-04-09 17.18.59

Jeff Mitton, Heather Stone, and Susan Reinke during scavenger hunt. It’s really hard to take a banana seriously.

2016-04-09 17.21.10

Brian taking care of business as usual. Jessica and Erica going for the matching shoe thing. Little Ben wondering what will become of his generation. Sparky (T1’s car) in the background.

2016-04-09 17.27.34

Stacey and Vanessa swear they dress like this all the time. Lance in the background, pretending he is the normal one…

2016-04-09 15.46.04

A very small portion of the spread. Botanist really show up when it’s time for a potluck!

2016-04-09 17.26.36

Peter getting serious with the scavenger hunt. Keric trying to take a bottle of siracha (Andy) seriously.

Group Shot1

Heather, Andrea, and Erica gave us a nice excuse for a sunny afternoon get together!

File Apr 11, 2 58 53 PM

Tom Lemieux, Andy Ininns, and Mat (T1) jamming.

2016-04-09 17.32.17

Tom Lemieux and Janice Harvey, University of Colorado botanists extraordinaire and very patient waiters of Corpse Revivers…

2016-04-09 17.16.08

Max, Jack, Ginni, and William. Probably the most effective scavenger hunt team of all. Look at how smart these people are.