Ruellia fulgida


This is a fine species from northern South America. Not uncommon, but not terribly common either. Certainly you know it if you are from that part of the world. I was happy to lay eyes on her. Manuel and I found this late in the day after a very wild ride on a road that absolutely hugs the Atlantic coast in the steepest and most intimate of manners. Got stuck for many hours in a river crossing, actually right where the river dumps into the ocean. Tide rising, getting worried. Sat stranded until we flagged in a dinghy full of local fishers. Convinced them to come onshore. After another two hours, we finally unstuck the vehicle. Cruised on towards this population of Ruellia fulgida as if nothing had ever happened…

Wild collected, Venezuela, Tripp & Lujan #488 (RSA-POM); Photo by Erin Tripp

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