Erin Tripp


Erin is an evolutionary biologist who loves field, herbarium, and lab work (perhaps in that order: ask her!). She uses data from all three sources to reconstruct macroevolutionary patterns and correlates of biodiversity distribution and ecology. She attended University of North Carolina-Asheville for her undergrad degree, Duke University for her Ph.D., and Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden for a postdoc. Erin’s work draws primarily from rich datasets available for the pantropical family Acanthaceae, which is among the 10 or so largest families of flowering plants. Closer to home, she is keenly interested in discovery, documentation, and conservation of the North American lichen biota, in particular, of “her old favorite and new favorite places on Earth,” the Southern Appalachians and Southern Rocky Mountains. In her spare time, she enjoys botanizing, birding, exploration of wild areas on foot, carpentry, and flying airplanes. She dreams of starting a biological research station on top of a tepui…


Tepui Expeditions: Video Footage

You can reach Erin at



University of Colorado, Boulder
Museum of Natural History, COLO Herbarium
Clare Small Basement, Campus Box 350
Boulder, CO 80309
Phone: 303.492.2462

Molecular Lab:

University of Colorado, Boulder
Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
C105 Ramaley Hall, Campus Box 334
Boulder, CO 80309

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