Ruellia cuyabensis

This is such a long, long story and I’m not sure whether I can convey it with the emotion it deserves. Let me just try a few key phrases:


15th of January 2017

300m altitude

Linear leaves


Extreme restricted endemic

Parque Nacional Yasuní

Orellana: Taracoa

Matt Schreiber & Erin Tripp @ their finest

Lowland Amazonian Rainforest


Manuel’s everpresent good conscience

Sheer remarkableness

I have no idea where this species ‘goes’ phylogenetically. Maybe near Ruellia menthoides? There is a high chance I am wrong about that… BUT it ought to get resolved into a clade of ‘everwet’ rainforest species (vs. those with seasonal dry seasons…. ). I promise to report back!

I love this species so much, and the field memories it brings…

Wild collected, Ecuador, E. Tripp #6997 w/ M. Luján & M. Schreiber; Photos by E. Tripp

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